Colors, colors, and more colors!

John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards 

When John first contacted us about printing some letterpress business cards for him we were open to his ideas on the cards. But, when he told us he wanted a card with seven colors we had to make sure he wasn’t joking. With letterpress printing the card has to be run through the press for each color in the design, which is why most people limit the colors to two or at most three. But John was insistent that the design stay the same so off to the press we went with a BIG cup of coffee.

John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards 

It may have taken a while, but once they were done we knew there was something special about these cards. The cards were printed on thick 100% cotton paper with a kiss impression on the back to minimize bruising on the front of the card. The card was printed with black, light green, and dark green inks on both sides and a blind deboss on front. The blind impression was used to mimic a reflection of the John Lauren Photography logo. More pictures of these great cards are below.

John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards

If you have any questions about our letterpress business cards, invitations, or stationery give us a call (516) 353-9284 or send us an email. We’re more than happy to discuss your project with you and take you through the letterpress process. Make sure to inquire about our bulk discount on business cards for orders of multiple sets.

  • quite possibly the most incredible business cards i have ever seen. wonderful work.