Eye Candy: Cool Letterpress Business Cards

Cool Letterpress Business Cards

We printed some very cool letterpress business card designs this week and wanted to share a few of our favorites with you. These three cards are unique in their own way. The first card was printed by us at Dolce Press but designed by Cara Kleid (left).  We thought this 2 color card emphasized a nice way to combine illustration with a creative font layout.

The second card (center) we designed and printed for Tina Chang who wanted an elegant card with a flair so, we decided to do a subtle background in transparent white so the card wasn’t overpowered with color. The transparent white is an easy way to get a color 1 shade darker than the paper.

The last card (right) was again printed by us at Dolce press but designed by David Caso. We actually took 1 of his cards, scored and folded it.  When we spoke with David, he told us that he had different intentions for the card. He was going to cut the 3.5 x 2.5 business card and dry mount them to make a duplex card. He is also considering adding rounded corners. When he is done putting the finishing touches on this great card, he promises to send us a few to photograph for the blog. So if your interested in seeing the finshed card, definitely check back on our blog.

Cara Lynn Kleid Letterpress Business Card (closeup) Tina Chang Letterpress Business Card (closeup)
David Caso Folded Business Card

Check out our flickr letterpress card album for more business card designs.