Letterpress business cards to fit your style …

Letterpress Business Cards

A lot of people associate letterpress with a specific style,
but it can be whatever you want.

We normally post individual business cards but today we want to share a few cards to demonstrate how different letterpress business cards can be. These 4 certainly don’t represent the full spectrum and the design is only limited by your imagination. Read the rest of the post to see more photos of these letterpress business cards and find out more information on how to order your own cards.

We work with a wide range of clients from individuals with no design experience, to graphic designers and large companies with graphic design departments. As designers turned letterpress printers, we try to give each client our advice on what works best and our tricks to achieve looks and finishes.

Letterpress Business Cards

We printed these business card for John Tripp on Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent White (110#) in a beautiful blue. Calling cards don’t get anymore straight forward than this. Sometimes its best to keep things simple and to the point.

Letterpress Business CardsLetterpress Business Cards

The second set of business cards were printed for interior designer Tao Connelly. Borders are great on cards just make sure that when the cards get cut down that they’re even. Its amazing how accurate the human eye is. The stock was 110lb. Lettra as well, this time in pearl white. They were letterpress printed in two colors, green and silver.

Letterpress Business Cards Letterpress Business CardsLetterpress Business Cards

The next set of letterpress business cards were printed for Misty Lee. We really love her use of fonts and letterpress really showcases that. Because of the single color process, letterpress design puts a greater emphasis on layout, styling of fonts and less on use of colors. This limitation really helps to simplify and streamline a design.

These cards were letterpress printed on 220lb Pearl White cotton stock. How many people can put Theatrical S’eances on their business cards?

Letterpress Business Cards Letterpress Business Cards

This last set of business cards we printed for Shelbie Brassfield, a graphic designer. These letterpress cards were printed on Crane’s Lettra 220lb stock. The thicker paper permits a deep impression without any bruising on the back.

We try our best to separate solids from small text if possible during the design process, but sometimes that just isn’t the case (especially with a 1-color card). The critical part here was to achieve a nice solid coverage on the background pattern and border while resolving the fine elements of the text, particularly the script font.

Letterpress Business Cards

Because of the length and orientation of the design, Shelbie decided to increase her card to 4″ x 2″. Since almost every project is printed on a larger sheet and then cut down to the final size, creating a custom size card is easy, and cheaper than creating a custom die shape.

We hope that these cards help demonstrate some of the diversity possible with letterpress business cards. If you have a project that your looking for guidance on, need design assistance or just want to submit your print ready file, contact us with the specs to get started (see below).

For LI/NYC clients, give us a ring (631.319.6639) to schedule an appointment in the studio.

Specs for quotes should include:

  • Quantity (break down amounts per person)
  • Printing method (letterpress, offset, digital, thermography, foil stamping, engraving)
  • No. of colors
  • 1 / 2 sided
  • Stock (e.g. Lettra 220lb Pearl White)
  • Finishing (edge coloring, round cornering, creasing/scoring, die cutting, etc.)

For projects including multiple lots (>3), please call for more information.