Silver Leaf Studios Business Cards

Silver Leaf Studios

Silver and gold metallic ink are perfect on black stock.

A logo, your name, and a phone number is what makes up any business card. It’d be pretty boring if everyone’s cards were the same … but luckily that’s not the case. We worked with Lynn Biddle of Silver Leaf Studio to craft her ideal business card. As a jewelry designer, it made sense to use gold and silver metallic inks for her cards.

Silver Leaf Studios

The design process was pretty simple. After a phone consult, we worked back and forth with Lynn to create something that fit her style. Silver and gold metallic inks were key when we chose a 130# black cotton stock. Black was a great color since jewelry will have high contrast to it, much more so than white paper.

Silver Leaf Studios Silver Leaf Studios

Once the design was complete and approved, we moved ahead with printing. The design was used to create a film (negative), which was then used to make photopolymer plates. Once the plates have been proofed and paper was cut down, the press was setup and printing began. For photos of the printing process check a recent post on our blog (Letterpress Production Photos).

Silver Leaf Studios Silver Leaf Studios
Silver Leaf Studios Silver Leaf Studios

We letterpress printed these business cards using silver (logo) and gold (contact info) metallic ink. Besides silver and gold, other inks that work well with dark stocks are black and transparent white. Letterpress with opaque white shows up as a dull gray on black stock, so the best choice is often metallic silver.

  • The silver definitely looks great against the black stock! Do you have samples where you have worked with black ink on the black stock? It’s surprising to hear that black would work well. Love your work 🙂

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks! Yes we do have several samples with black on black stock. However it seems that every one of these is for corporate clients, which we can’t post.

      The black ink can provide a little more contrast than transparent white ink when printed on black stock. The difference is even more noticeable when the stock is a muted black color.

      If we have some time, we’ll make sure to print a sample to post on the blog.

      Thanks again,
      Evan @ Dolce Press

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work!  What type of black paper is this?  Looks almost wool-like.

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