Planarize and Packing

C&P Pilot impression screws

My boyfriend and I spent about 5 hours over the weekend trying to planarize the press so I can get an even impression. By about the 3rd hour, I was about to throw the press out the window! Im glad I didn’t because the press prints to perfection now. As you can see by my picture on Gripper arm issue, I was getting a heavy impression on the bottom of my design. To planarize the press on a C&P Pilot, you need to adjust the impression screws (the 4 screws attached to the back of the platen). You definitely need to have patience to do this because it is really just a matter of trial and error. After every adjustment, you need to check the impression and the worst part is that the screws are very temperamental and changing 1 will effect the other 3.

Once that was fixed, I had the problem with it not making a deep enough impression. I know back in the “old days” it was a “sin” to get a push through the paper. Well times have changed and if I wanted to get a flat image, I would just go with offset printing. To fix the impression depth, you will need to add packing. Packing is paper that is added inbetween the 2 sheets of tympan paper. The best way to go about this is to add 1 piece of packing at a time until you get the impression you desire. You might have to change your packing depending on the thickness of you paper stock.

  • Jody Kenney

    I love that you talk about doing this with your Pilot, because that’s the only press I have. Yes, you’re getting several notes from me today. I have been to your site several times before, but this time it is to study what you have learned. And, of course, to thank you for what you are posting!