#BackToBusiness: Marsais Photographie


The next installment of  the #BackToBusiness is here! Today's feature is a stationery suite we printed for Marsais Photographie (@Marsais).

The branding + design was done by B is for Bonnie. She has some great articles on her blog about creative businesses - check it out!

The entire stationery suite was given a soft look with the Pale Pink Arturo cover (260gsm) which was also complimented by the Rose Gold foil.

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Marsais Photographie Thank You Card - Rose Gold Foil on Pale Pink Arturo
Marsais Photographie - Full Stationery Suite


Size – 2.5″ x 2.5″
Stock – Pale Pink Arturo (520 gsm)
Foil Stamping – Rose Gold
Press – Brandtjen Kluge 10×15
Finishing – Duplexing (2ply)
ClientMarsais Photographie
DesignB is for Bonnie Design


The business cards were printed on duplexed Arturo (520gsm) to make them extra thick. The square shape was reflected in the size of the notecards and thank you cards too.

The letterhead was the only piece of the set that was flat printed piece – we used a hefty 70# smooth bright white text stock to compliment the arturo.

Marsais Photographie - Pale Pink Arturo Business Cards

1) What do you do?

I’m a wedding and portrait film photographer located in Texas. I offer destination services as well.


2) Where did you get your start?

I’ve been a photographer going on 4 years now. I majored in Fashion Merchandising in college and have always been influenced by fashion which is why I would consider my photography more editorial as I like to style as much as I can!

Marsais Photographie - Business Card Back

3) What’s your work philosophy?

I believe in treating people with love and respect and hopefully always provide the best customer experience I can offer. I really work hard for my clients and fall in love with them- they really become a part of my little photo family.

Marsais Photographie - Folded Thank You Card

4) What was the concept / idea behind the rebranding?

I worked with designer B is for Bonnie Design to come up with the all new branding. When I switched to film last year I wanted to soften my look quite a bit without losing that editorial style flair that I just cling to. I wanted soft, elegant and romantic juxtaposed with a clean bold editorial look- which in the end is what produced what you see now.

Marsais Photographie - Thank You Gorgeous Folded Card

5) Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from all sources. I travel a lot and get inspired in culture and architecture. I also shop a lot and would consider fashion and fashion magazines my biggest staple in leaning towards what inspires me.

Marsais Photographie - Letterhead Closeup - Flat Printed

6) What’s your key to success?

Ohhhhh, here I go. Cliche’ cliche’ but, trusting your gut and going for it. And not giving up when your head tells you you’re not good enough. When I started photography, I knew absolutely nothing about it but I knew in my heart its what I wanted to do- where I wanted my life to take me and I had to trust that because there were others around me saying, ‘yea….this doesn’t sound like a good idea.” And in life, there will always be people who say that to you, so you have to trust yourself. And then also shut yourself up when you’re feeling defeated because- it happens!

7) What advice would you give to new photographers?

I’d say read #6.
And also, to not compare. That has been the biggest learning lesson is to not judge your start with someone else’s middle (or end). It’s just not going to do anyone any good. After all, Comparison is the thief of joy right?!

Marsais Photographie - Notecard with Rose Gold Foil

8) Best/worst client story?

Awe the best things for me, truly is when a client turns into a friend. There is nothing greater and I just adore the many people I’ve met that Ive not only adored but then have adored me back and it just makes me all mushy-happy. Oh, and when a past client refers me of course. I feel proud!

Marsais Photographie - Notecard Closeup

9) What’s new / to come for 2015?

Hopefully 2015 will continue off with a bang and I will get to continue to do what I love. Its really such an honor! (Cliche’ right? Im full of them!)

But my film work has replaced my website and my social media presence and I just hope i get to continue with it! It’s been quite the journey so far and I’m not looking at giving up anytime soon.

Marsais Photographie - Pale Pink Arturo Notecard Closeup

10) Additional notes / comments

I really can’t thank B is for Bonnie Design enough for helping me with this rebrand process. Lord knows I tested her patience. In addition, I did quite the research on printing companies and Dolce Press really blew the others out of the water in my opinion. I value their customer service and their quality. So happy with the results from the hard work of both of these companies! Y’all rock!