Pony Friday #BackToBusiness


Let's get #BackToBusiness (just before the holiday weekend) with a new post showcasing business cards we printed for Pony Friday - a creative marketing and branding company based out of Calgary.

We love the use of bold, bright colors to express their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and philosophy behind their company marketing concepts. 

These cards pop from across the room - sure to be memorable with their clientele. 

Why are they called Pony Friday? You'll have to read the full post to find out.

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Size – 3.5″ x 2″
StockFluorescent White Lettra (600 gsm)
Letterpress – Red (front) + Black (back)
Press – Heidelberg Windmill (10 x 15)
Finishing – Duplexing (2ply) + Rounded Corners (1/2″) + Turquoise Edge Coloring
Design – Pony Friday


Read about the inspiration and concept behind the company and their philosophies in the interview below.

We sat down with Elise, creative director at Pony Friday, to find out more about what they do and what they’re about. We learned that they’re just as passionate as we are about their work and they’re a little kooky too!

What do you do?

We fuel dreams, yours and ours. Pony Friday is a hybrid—creative marketing boutique and bold lifestyle brand. We create marketing materials that elevate brands and apparel that inspires people to behave boldly and lead fulfilling lives.


We’re built this way so we can help companies and individuals, while also satisfying our creative itch to do things that aren’t related to someone’s bottom line.

Why is it important?

Our goal is to set an example of a better way to do business, a different way to live your life, and prove that work doesn’t have to be grueling.


Instead of a work-life balance, people should push for a life-life balance. In the Pony Friday world every day feels like a Friday because we love what we do.

What’s your work philosophy?

Our mantra is to behave boldly, which means pushing to lead by example. We’re always trying new things and evolving our approach to creativity with fresh thinking.

Where did you get your name?

We wanted something that really encompassed our brand attributes to have the most fun possible. With that in mind we merged two things that people unanimously love, ponies and Fridays!

Best/worst client story?

When we hear the term “worst client” we think about growing pains. Easy clients don’t push us to reassess our approach the way tough clients do and we like learning. Although, falling on our face is never pleasant.

Pony Friday Business Cards Logo Closeup

What’s the key to your success?

Keep playing. We’re always given tight parameters with small budgets and unrealistic timelines.


These things suck the life force out of us and seem to scold creativity, but creativity needs freedom. Somehow we need to keep playing within the stress and finding ways to allow great ideas to blossom.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Yes, that’s the same expected answer from all creative types. We get a great deal of inspiration and encouragement from each other through honest feedback to individual contributions.


We’re all open to improvements, despite being tough on our egos.

What advice would you give your creatives?

Keep pushing the boundaries and believe in your gut. You’re fighting against society’s desire to stay comfortable and every day is a battle for creatives.


Get up each morning like a gladiator, willing to battle for better.

Pony Friday Business Cards stacked

What makes you crazy?

Clients who can’t see the value in big changes drive us crazy. The world will change with or without you and it’s our job to keep you ahead of the curve. That’s tough for most clients to wrap their heads around.

Anything else?

Yes, check out our shop and get yourself in a Pony Friday shirt. Keep living bold lives!

Pony Friday - T-Shirts, Stickers, Caps