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After a long holiday weekend it can be hard to get back to business but if you run your own business you know that the work never stops.

Today's #BackToBusiness post features several ways to transform your business card into something that people will remember and even better, hold on to.

We designed these custom cards for SkySync to showcase their new branding. The blind pattern on the back is hypnotic, the angled lines catch the light differently and the outlined effect draws your eye to the logo.

The two-tone logo was complimented with a dark gray ink for the text and a neon orange edge color.

The diecut on the front of the card reveals the colored paper in the middle - the end result is a more 3D effect for the SkySync logo.

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SkySync Business Cards


Size – 3.5″ x 2″
StockFluorescent White Lettra (110# Cover)
Letterpress – 2 colors on the front + 4 colors on the back
Finishing – Triplex (3ply), Die Cut, Edge Coloring (Neon Orange)
DesignDolce Press


The best thing a client can say to you is “just go for it” and that’s exactly what Mark at SkySync said. He wanted something to fit with their new branding and stand out from the crowd.

SkySync - Back Texture

eye catching blind pattern

Anybody that starts out with letterpress almost immediately becomes obsessed with blind prints. There are so many ways to use an inkless print to add texture and depth to a design.


I love the way we accentuated the SkySync logo with a custom blind press. You can spend hours just twisting and turning the card to catch the light at different angles.

SkySync - Front Die Cut

the 3d effect

Letterpress just wasn’t enough, we wanted to do something different with these cards that would get people to turn their heads and say ‘huh?’.


The secret sauce was a diecut on the front of the card that revealed a middle layer of paper. It makes the logo seem even more three dimensional.


The middle layer was flat printed in a lighter blue so that when the top layer is diecut you can see through to the middle sheet.

SkySync - Business Cards Angle

SkySync Back Info


Sync in information – printing shells to keep costs down

The last magic trick for these cards was the shell program that we put in place to keep printing cost down.


What’s a shell you ask? Its pre-printed blanks that we imprint with different employee info. This process cuts down on the cost of printing 1-offs for new employees and also speeds up turnaround time since 80% of the work is already done.


Once we finish the imprinting, we triplex the shells and edge color them and we’re done. Shells are just one way we can cut costs even on a premium card like this.


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