A Patchogue Print Shop


Last week a friend tipped us off to a print shop that was closing around the corner so we dropped by to take a look. 

No matter how many of these 'picks' we go on, it always surprises me to find them in our backyard.

The equipment was last used 5 years ago but everything was in pristine condition.

Among the presses available - a Kelly B, an ATF Little Giant, vintage Baumfolder, Galley Proof Press, and a Linotype. 

The full post has more details about the shop and equipment for sale.

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A Patchogue Printshop - Vintage St. Liberata Broadside

Equipment for Sale


Kelly B
ATF Little Giant
Vintage Baumfolder
Galley Proof Press


They also have lots of odds and ends including slug cutters, saws, light tables, etc. All of the equipment has to go by the end of next month because the building has been sold.


Email us for more details.

A Patchogue Printshop - ATF Little Giant Delivery Tapes

A Patchogue Printshop - Linotype Rear Assembly

A Patchogue Printshop - ATF Little Giant Counter

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