Luxe Private Dining Menus


It's Summer time and wedding season is in full swing - the perfect time to show off a set of luxe menus we just printed for a Yacht excursion.

Designed by Julie from Lady J Creative, each piece highlights the different themed dinners with a combination of letterpress, flat printing, foil stamping, and edge coloring for a unique look.

A lot of work goes into each meal and its important for the menu to reflect that - you eat with your eyes first afterall!

Grab something to eat because you be salivating by the time you get through all four menus! Read the full post for more details on the process along with plenty of photos.

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Do you ever find yourself out to dinner and staring at the menu?


I don’t mean because you can’t decide which dessert to get (we have that problem too), I mean because the paper, binding or design is cool.


We do! Paper, finish, and design are so important even when it comes to paper goods like menus, napkins, etc. It may be subtle but it definitely is a part of the whole experience.


Julie from Lady J Creative came to us to produce some unique menus for a weekend excursion at a private island and we were instantly on board. Check out each of the designs and production process below:

Coco Maya Menu

Size – 4.5″ x 9.5″
Stock – Pearl White Lettra
Letterpress – Brown and Aqua
Finishing – Triplex to 3ply (330# cover), Edge coloring (Aqua)
DesignLady J Creative

Coco Maya - Private Dining Menu - Tight register letterpress + aqua edge coloring

This Tapas menu looks absolutely scrumptious, but we’re all about the cake by the ocean! The design has two overlapping colors for the title and the headings – that was some very tight register.


The blue was carried over to the edge coloring for an extra pop of color – the edge looks gorgeous on the extra thcik 3ply cover.

Coco Maya Menu stacked spread

 Bond … james bond – 007 Inspired Design

Size – 5″ x 7″ (A7)
Stock – Vermillion Colorplan
Foil – Black and Gold Shine
Finishing – Triplex to 3ply stock (810 gsm – 300# Cover)
Design – Lady J Creative

007 Bond - Private Dining Menu - Gold + Black Foil

After a long day chasing damsels and villains, a black tie meal is most certainly in order. We love the gunmetal and bullet Bond color scheme with a fitting shiny finish.


The contrast of foil with the Vermillion red stock finishes the look – Vermillion is the perfect shade of red. In case you missed it, each course is sectioned off with a bow tie!

Bond Menu Design Flat Angled

Embossed Texture - Private Dining Menu - Blind + Gray

Embossed pattern Menu


Size – 4″ x 9″
Stock – Fluorescent White Lettra
Letterpress – Charcoal Grey
Embossing – Blind

Finishing – Triplex to 3ply stock + Diecut (so that the embossed pattern doesn’t lose any height)
Design – Lady J Creative

Pebble Pattern Menu

Embossing is the boss! If you don’t know the different between embossing and debossing, check out our tutorial: Emboss vs. Deboss


The blind embossed pebble pattern was printed using two plates (male and female dies – we’re not being sexist, thats what they’re called!) that fit together like a lock and key. We leave just enough space between the male and female dies to impregnate the paper with the raised design.


Julie knocked out the pattern around the text for legibility. The end result is an elegant menu that speaks volumes in a very subtle way. To retain the height of the embossed pattern we die-cut the menu to the final size.

Virgin Gorda - Private Dining Menu - Oversized Folded Menu

Virgin gorda Oversize menu

Size – 8″ x 10″ folded, 16″ x 10″ opened
Stock – Bright White Smooth Cover (14pt)
Printing – Digital (front and back)
Finishing – Score and fold
Design – Lady J Creative

Virgin Gorda Menu opened

The largest of the 4 menus is last. This oversized folded menu features a beautiful blue watercolor on the outside and inside.


These were printed digitally on both sides of smooth cover stock. The watercolor is paired perfectly with the nautical elements on front and back.

Virgin Gorda Menu back

is your stomach growling yet?


We would have gladly traded the printing to be a stowaway on this vacation, the meals sound amazing!


We hope you enjoyed reading about these luxe menu designs and the next time you’re at an event or fancy dinner remember to look at the menu and other paper products – you’ll be surprised by what you see!


We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think – comment below and tell us about your favorite meals or creative menu designs. For more information on menus and other day of / event items reach out to us!

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