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It's time for the next #PaperNerd post in our series! Today its all about Envelopes. Envelopes can come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and flap styles.

The small details make all the difference and we love being able to provide a wide variety of options when it comes to invitations, announcements and stationery. 

Think about this: The first thing people see when you get an invitation is the envelope. Don't overlook this detail? Technically, it's your first impression!  

Read the full post to learn about the different styles that are available.

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Envelopes - Flap Style says a lot about your invitation + stationery

EnvelopeS – flap styles


Flap style among the other options (size, color, weight, etc.), is one of the biggest differentiators in the look of an invitation. There are several options for flap styles such as:


  • Square
  • European
  • Pointed / Baronial
  • Commercial
  • Old Style
  • Custom flap shapes are also available


The most common (shown below) is a Square Flap – commonly used for announcements, invitations, promotional pieces, and stationery.


Since the Square Flap is the most common, it is generally available in the widest variety of colors, finishes, and weights. All of our standard paper options (link: dolcepress.com/paper) are available in a Square Flap envelope for most sizes.


Envelopes - Square Flap Options

The next flap style shown below is a Commerical flap (shown in white). Its photographed here with a square flap envelope for comparison.


The most popular uses for a commercial flap envelopes are business stationery, invoices, statements, and direct marketing. The size in the photo below is a #10 which is the most common size although there are other sizes available.


You’ve probably also seen these envelopes with a “window” on the front for mailing bills or paychecks.

Envelopes - Commercial Flap Options

The Pointed or Baronial flap is the go to elegant option. These pointy flaps are most commonly used for formal wedding and party invitations, announcements, and greeting cards.


The larger flap area allows for more creative return address designs and also more room to show off liner designs. Typically pointed flap envelopes are available as inner / outer combos for use with invitations.


Its also important to match the flap styles, Outer envelopes with a pointed flap should be paired with response envelopes with a pointed flap!

Envelopes - Baronial + Pointed Flap Options

The Old Style Flap (below) is our most favorite option!


The flap styles is the perfect mix of a square and baronial flap. The extra room on the flap is perfect for a fancy return address seal and has tons of room to show off a pretty liner.


The Old Style flap is only availabel at Dolce Press! The custom made envelopes are available for our wedding invitations and stationery. We diecut and assemble each of these envelopes by hand – the custom touch is something your guests will appreciate.

Envelopes - Old Stle Flap Options

We recently started offering the Old Style envelopes for all of our “Oversized” invitations (6.25″ x 8.5″). Slightly larger than A9, the wider format presents your invitation in a more elegant light.


Last – but not least – we have the European flap envelope. These flaps have a distinctive rounded tip – a softer finish than the standard pointed flap. The european flap is also longer than a pointed flap and can extend down nearly to the bottom of the envelope.


We love this option for a square envelope especially for stationery!

Envelopes - European Flap Options

Envelope nerds


We hope you found this post helpful in sorting through the thousands of different types of envelopes available. We love being able to provide so many different options so you can make the right first impression.


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