What’s Up This Week / 2

Purple edge coloring on GF Smith's ebony colorplan really pops!

We're happy to announce that Instagram recently added us to their suggested user list, which features some of the best instagrammers from around the world. Check us out (@dolcepress) and let us know what you think! We've also been busy in the studio working on a couple big projects, including new additions to our holiday collection (more details coming soon)! Check out all of the photos from the shop this week plus find out who won free #TypeCards in our giveaway.

As promised the winners of the #TypeCard calendars are: @ariellabellamia, @anjarama, @_ianberg, @dana_marie09, @mflanagan117, @snugglebunny, @crztini, @eb_studio, @littlewingedpig, @iam_artisan, @rollandtumblepress

This weeks projects included holidays cards, a boatload of edge coloring, a photographer's business cards (Kien Photo), silver foil wedding invites on GF Smith's Colorplan, and more letterpress business cards for Birkholz & Marqelexsis. None of it would have been possible without a bunch of ink mixing!

Come back next friday to catch up on what we’re cranking out.