Menus, napkins, programs, and everything else for the special day.

We don’t just print beautiful wedding invitations, we pour our hearts into every aspect of your wedding from seating cards, napkins, pinwheels, menus, and more! Each of our wedding suites comes with additional pieces specifically designed for your special day. Don’t see something you need, we can create custom pieces like hang tags and coasters.


What pieces are traditionally used for the wedding day? Depending on the size and style of your event, you should consider ordering some of the pieces below. Ask us for a full list of wedding suite pieces including everything you need for the day of the wedding.

What are some unique wedding day pieces? If there’s one thing we love to do, its to make new things out of paper. Ask us about printing custom pieces to compliment your invite or event. Here are some of the cool things we offer:

Do I have to order everything at once? No. Our brides & grooms typically place 2 orders, the first for their save the dates/invites and the second for their wedding day collateral. We keep all of the details (size, paper, colors, etc.) for your invitations on file so ordering additional pieces is a breeze.

How are wedding day pieces printed? It depends on the quantity and number of pieces but most of our brides mix letterpress and foil with flat printing. You can take advantage of all of our finishing options from edge coloring, die cutting, mounting, triplexing, and more.

What is flat printing? It’s a multicolor printing process that eliminates the need for plates and ink. The pieces are printed directly from a computer on a high quality and precision printing press. Our equipment can match the quality of foil and letterpress and is the perfect compliment to them. Because the process is completely digital, we can print pieces like envelopes, seating cards, and hang tags where each piece has your guests name.

How do I get more information on wedding day pieces? Call or email us to setup an invitation consult and one of our designers will help you with the entire process.