Give your invitation shape with die & laser cutting.

Your invitations don’t have to be square and many of our wedding suites are designed around die cut shapes and laser cut patterns. Die cutting and laser cutting compliments our luxurious letterpress invitations so well. Once you see these shapes you’ll never look at another invitation the same way.


What is die cutting? We bend steel knives into custom shapes and mount them into a wood block to create a die that cuts paper. When you mix an elegant design with a die cut shape you get a truly unique wedding invite.

How does laser cutting work? We throw out the steel and wood, and instead each invitation is cut with a computer controlled laser. Laser cutting can punch out very fine details – something that’s impossible to do with die cutting!

Can you do rounded corners? Yes, just like die cutting we use a special die to round any or all of the corners. Our dies come in standard sizes including ⅛, ¼, ⅜, and ½”.

Is die / laser cutting compatible with other finishing options? We’re die and laser cutting experts so custom finishing isn’t a problem. Let us know if you’re interested in mixing it with other options like mounting, edge coloring, and ribbon and we’ll figure out the details.

What are your stock dies and designs? We have several die cut shapes that we’ve incorporated into our wedding suites. In addition to those designs, we also have standard circle punches ranging in diameter from 1″ to 6″.

What about a custom shape or pattern? We can customize an existing die or create a new shape for your wedding invites. Since laser cutting is controlled by a computer design, we can modify or create new patterns around your invitation style.

What stock works best? We use die-cutting and laser etching with our 100% cotton stock and a variety of colored paper as well. We take special considerations for die-cutting and laser etching based on our experience with past projects.

What about other pieces like menus, seating cards, and programs? Yes many of our wedding suits include additional pieces that are die-cut or laser cut. Ask us about adding die- and laser-cutting to your wedding invitations.

How do I get die cut samples? Samples are super easy to get, just let us know what you need and we’ll include it in your wedding sample pack. We’re always available by phone or email to help you with your wedding invites.