Add an extra pop of color with edge coloring!

We’re masters of edge coloring but let our work do the talking. We created the edge coloring process to make your invites stand out, and you can add it to any invitation in our collection. There are a wide variety of colors to pick from, which are perfectly paired with our inks.


What is edge coloring? It’s a special technique we created to add color to the edge of paper. We can’t tell you how we do it but it involves a fair amount of magic.

What colors are available? The variety of edge colors (right) were selected to compliment our ink and foil colors perfectly. We also have fluorescents, metallics, and other specialty colors.

Can you edge in a custom color? We also offer custom mixed colors if you can’t find the perfect match. You can supply a Pantone® color or send us a swatch to match.

What thickness of stock do you recommend? We suggest edge coloring on thick stock like our 600gsm Crane’s Lettra because of how thick it is. The thicker the edge, the more the color pops but don’t worry our vibrant colors still show up really well on thinner stocks.

Is there another option for adding color to the invites? Mounting or duplexing is a great alternative to edge coloring. Read more about those options here: Mounting & Triplexing.

Where can I get samples? Visit our samples page in our online shop. Let us know when you place an order for samples, that you’re interested in edge coloring.