A liner is the perfect compliment your invitations.

Before they open the invitation, the first thing your guests see are the envelopes. Our envelopes come in a range of colors, styles, and shapes, but envelope liners are another great way to embellish your invites. Each suite in our wedding collection has a custom designed envelope liner for all of the essential pieces from the invite envelope, to the reply envelope, and thank you envelope.


What’s an envelope liner? It’s a patterned sheet that we insert and glue into the envelope. The liner can add extra flair to your stationery or tie in the design and/or style of the invite.

Can the liner be changed? Yes! You can change the colors, the sizing, or even the layout. Once you place an order we’ll work with you to create an invitation that’s unique to your event.

What colors can the liner be printed in? Our liners are individually printed with each order so you can have the liner match or compliment other pieces in the wedding suite. Flat printing not bold enough for you? Ask us about foil printing for envelope liners.

What envelopes can be lined? We stock a wide variety of envelopes – including 4Bar, A2, and A7 – and we can line any size envelope. The main invite envelopes are the most common to line, but you can also line the reply envelopes and the thank you card envelopes.

What about pointed / square flaps, or inner / outer envelopes? Yes, yes, and yes! You can get either a pointed or square flap for any of the envelope sizes and we also have inner and outer envelope pairs for specific sizes. Any of these envelopes can be lined.

What if I want a custom envelope? Sometimes a stock envelope doesn’t exist. We can create a unique size for your wedding invitations. Our custom die-cut and converted envelopes can also be lined to match your invites.

Can you create a custom liner pattern? Yes, you can create a custom liner using a wedding monogram, pattern, or based on elements from one of our wedding invites. Just ask us for more information!

I’ve got more questions! Contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you create the perfect envelope liner for your wedding invites.