Metallics, Mattes, Pearls, and Tints oh my!

We’re foil stamping wizards and if you’re looking for something different then foil is the perfect option. Several of our invitation suites are designed for foil printing but you can add metallic, matte, or specialty foil effects to any of our wedding invites.


What is foil stamping? It’s a specialty process which transfers adhesive backed foil to paper using heat. We use the same equipment to letterpress print and foil stamp, its that versatile! Foil in contrast to letterpress can produce shiny, pearlescent, and holographic finishes on a variety of paper. Foil stamping is the preferred method for printing light colors on dark stock, something letterpress can’t do.

What foil colors are available? While foil doesn’t come in as many colors as ink does, we have some many different options, you’ll be able to find a match for any invitation. Our foil chart is a collection of the newest color trends for this season and work best with our wedding suites. Read more about custom colors and specialty effects below.

What about specialty foils and effects? Traditional foil colors include golds, silvers, and other metallics but we also stock a variety of specialty foils like scratch offs, holographics, pearls, mattes, and tints. The selection of foils can be overwhelming but we’re here to help you.

Can I add foil accents to an invite? While we’ve designed specific wedding suites for use with foil stamping, you can use foil stamping with any of our designs because everything we do is custom. We can change ink colors to foil or add foil accents to a letterpress design.

What stock works best with foil stamping? Our standard paper – a 100% cotton 110lb stock – works really well with foil stamping but foil works great even with dark paper. The best part, you can print light foils on dark stock.

Can you match foil to ink colors? Since everything we do is custom, we mix our inks and pick foil colors that compliment one another perfectly. If you have a particular color in mind send us a swatch or pantone color and we’ll find a foil that matches.

How do I get a foil sample? Our pictures do a great job of capturing the beauty of foil but it can’t beat seeing and touching them in person. Order samples from our sample room and we’ll mail you one of our gorgeous foil stamped invitations.