Mounting & Triplexing: Paper, paper, and more paper!

We love paper so much and that’s why we think you’ll fall in love with mounting and triplexing for your wedding invitations. Mounting can add extra color to your invite or create a beautiful layering effect, while duplexing allows you to add patterned or colored paper to the back of your invite.


What does mounting involve? We print and trim your invites (letterpress, flat, or foil) as usual and then glue them to a colored sheet. The colored backing is larger than the invite to create a framed effect. The overlap can range from ¼” to 1″ and we can mount multiple sheets  to create additional layers.

Why duplex or triplex? Duplexing like mounting involves glueing to different sheets of paper together. It’s a great way to create thicker paper, or to add color or a pattern to the back of your invitations. Triplexing takes duplexing to the next step by sandwiching a colored stock in between two white sheets of paper.

What colors for paper can I pick from? We use paper from a variety of mills like Neenah, French Paper, and GF Smith because they have the best colors. Let us know what colors you’re looking for and we pull samples that coordinate with your wedding suite.

Can additional pieces of the wedding suite be mounted or duplexed? Yes, you can mount, duplex, or triplex any piece in our wedding suites. Once you place an order, we’ll send you a PDF proof which shows the mounting and/or duplexing of the invite, reply, and additional pieces for review.

How do I get samples and more information? Easy, place an order for wedding invite samples and we’ll send you samples that show off whatever finishing you’re interested in. Email or call us to speak to a wedding consultant about your invitations.