Tons of Edge Coloring

Loads of Edge Coloring

We wanted to share a few snapshots of a variety of edge colored cards from business cards to stationery and wedding invitations. We think its a great way to add a touch of color to your letterpress project. Almost any color can be painted on the edge of your cards from light pastels to bright neons and even dark colors like purple and black. Metallic colors can also be painted on the edges like the silver and gold metallic cards shown below. We can even match the edge color to the colors printed on your cards or stationery.

Loads of Edge Coloring - Metallic Gold Loads of Edge Coloring - Bright Green Loads of Edge Coloring - Red, Purple, and more colors ... Loads of Edge Coloring - Silver Metallic

  • Trish

    What kind of ink/paint are you using on the edge?

    • Thanks for your interest and inquiry. This process took us quite a while to get right so at this time, we are keeping this technique and formula proprietary.

  • Shane

    That is the same answer any printer will give you. It will get out at some point.

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  • A couple years back, I worked for a printing press company. One of my responsibilities was edging. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    Looks like you guys have mastered the technique.

  • Bill

    I have to say that all of your work is amazing. I did notice, though, that it has been over a year since a “how-to” post. I know you are busy but those posts are always appreciated…I just hope they aren’t gone for good now that your profitability seems to be increasing.

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the comment.
    I will try my best to post a “how-to” in the next couple of weeks.
    Anything in particular you would like to know?


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