Colors, Textures, and more …

We love paper. Actually, it’s something we’re obsessed with. We carry a bunch of different paper options including 100% cotton paper, smooth white paper, G.F. Smith’s Colorplan line, and kraft board.

We’ll help you pick the perfect paper for your project. Take a look at the swatches below and let us know what you think. You can request specific swatches / samples through our online quote form.

100% Cotton Paper

Available in 3 shades of white, this paper was designed to show off your print in the best way possible. With a subtle texture and unique cotton feel, letterpress and foil prints stand out best when using cotton paper.

Bright White Cotton

off white cotton

Off White Cotton

bright white cotton

Natural White Cotton

Our cotton paper comes in cover weight (110# cover / 300 gsm), text weight (82# text / 120 gsm), and matching envelopes in a variety of sizes/flap styles.

Smooth Paper (Uncoated + Coated)

To compliment our cotton paper, we carry a smooth finish paper that is ideal for digital printing. This paper comes in a variety of text and cover weights – the standard we carry is 80# text and 100# cover – in addition to envelopes.

Bright White Smooth

Bright White Smooth

Off White Smooth

Off White Smooth

Natural White Smooth

Natural White Smooth

Bright White Coated

Bright White Coated

Colorplan by G.F. Smith

Available in nearly 50 shades, Colorplan is a beautiful collection of paper and envelopes that is ideal for any printing method, including digital printing.

Colorplan Ice White

Ice White

Colorplan White Frost

White Frost

Colorplan Pristine White

Pristine White

Colorplan Vellum White

Vellum White

Colorplan Natural White

Natural White

Colorplan China White

China White

Colorplan Mist


Colorplan Stone


Colorplan Pale Grey

Pale Grey

Colorplan Cool Grey

Cool Grey

Colorplan Cool Blue

Cool Blue

Colorplan Powder Green

Powder Green

Colorplan Pistachio


Colorplan Sorbet Yellow

Sorbet Yellow

Colorplan Candy Pink

Candy Pink

Colorplan Lavender


Colorplan Park Green

Park Green


Colorplan Azure Blue

Azure Blue

Colorplan Real Grey

Real Grey

Colorplan New Blue

New Blue

Colorplan Mid Green

Mid Green

Colorplan Harvest


Colorplan Factory Yellow

Factory Yellow

Colorplan Citrine


Colorplan Mandarin


Colorplan Nubuck Brown

Nubuck Brown

Colorplan Vermillion


Colorplan Bright Red

Bright Red

Colorplan Scarlet


Colorplan Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia Pink

Colorplan Tabriz Blue

Tabriz Blue

Colorplan Adriatic


Colorplan Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Colorplan Purple


Colorplan Sapphire


Colorplan Emerald


Colorplan Lockwood Green

Lockwood Green

Colorplan Forest Green

Forest Green

Colorplan Cobalt


Colorplan Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

Colorplan Racing Green

Racing Green

Colorplan Amethyst


Colorplan Claret


Colorplan Bagdad Brown

Bagdad Brown

Colorplan Bitter Chocolate

Bitter Chocolate

Colorplan Smoke


Colorplan Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Colorplan Ebony Black

Ebony Black

Available weights are cover (100# cover / 270 gsm), text (91# text / 135 gsm), and matching envelopes in nearly every shade and shape.

Colorplan paper is a great option for packaging, custom envelopes, and layered applications.

Kraft Paper

This board is made from 100% recycled paper which gives it a unique look and feel.

Additional layers of board can be glued together for to make extra thick sheets.

Individual sheets are approximately 21 pts thick.

Kraft (100% Recycled Board)

Loads of other options

In addition to the papers we stock above, the following papers / materials are things we love and use quite often.

Check out some of our print work including business cards, stationery, invitations, and more!