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What are luxury business cards?

Luxury business cards are a really important part of your business. They’re the first thing you hand a new client or the first thing they get from a referral. A beautiful card can speak volumes about the type of business you run and also the quality and attention to detail you put into your work.

Do I need nice business cards?

You know your business and clients best but if you answer yes to any of these questions then nice business cards should be a part of your marketing.

Do your clients pay extra attention to the little details?

Are you in a luxury or specialty business?

Do you often tell clients about your custom work?

Is what you do unique and different?

What are luxury business cards?

A luxury business card has specialty printing and finishing like letterpress, foil stamping, die-cutting, edge coloring, and other unique finishes printed on thick stock. Our business cards are thicker (on average 28pt) than a standard 14 or 16pt business card.

Specialty business cards can mix all different printing styles including letterpress, foil, digital printing, and thermography. For shaped business cards, we can use a custom die to create any shape for your custom business cards. And with finishing like edge coloring and duplexing, you can create a thick card with a beautiful edge.

You can supply artwork for us to print or we can help you design the business cards. For help with a standard layout, take a look at our business card layout package. For custom business card design, you can submit an inquiry for a quote.

VIDEO – Take a look at some of the different business card styles

A business card can be any size, shape, or color. Take a look a some of the different cards we’ve printed in the video below. You can customize anything on the card. When you work with one of our designers we can help you create a truly unique business card!

Let us help you grow your business with the best business card on the internet.

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