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We’re happy to announce a new retailer for the holiday season: UncommonGoods picked us as the winner of their Holiday Card Design Contest, something that we’re ecstatic about in the studio! The process was really fun.

Here’s what happened: We submitted a few designs and the judges picked the Word Search design as a semi-finalist. From there, they posted all of the finalists – 14 total – in their community voting app (a place where customers can vote on new items). After 7 long sleepless nights of reading comments and checking votes, the judges met one last time and picked a winner. The UG team blogged about the process here: The ‘Search’ Is Over. You can see the heated debate among the judges in the photo below, looks like a lot of fun to us!

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UncommonGoods sells some really great things, we’ve been browsing the site for a few days now and here are some of our favorites:

Some IPA, a ping pong and a mug walk into a bar … sounds like the start of a good joke. Those are just a few of the cool things they sell, check out our cards and a lot more on the UG website.