What’s Up This Week / 8


The cat's out of the bag, the new press we teased about on instagram (and on last weeks What's Up post) is finally here. A lot of people guessed right, it's a Heidelberg KS Cylinder.

The press came out of a small shop and was still being used by the original owner for printing.

So why a cylinder press? We're no strangers to cylinder presses, we love our Vandercook Universal III's! While the Heidelberg Windmill is the workhorse of the letterpress world, the KS (and the entire line of Heidelberg Cylinders) packs a big punch - literally.

A cylinder press prints one line of the form at a time while a platen press prints the entire form with a single impression. Top that off with 4 form rollers and you've got a the equivalent of a letterpress genie!

To keep busy while we're prepping for the inaugural print run, check out these Heidelberg manuals:
Heidelberg Cylinder Operation Manual
Heidelberg Cylinder Supplemental Manual
Heidelberg - Hints for the Pressman