How to pick the perfect colors for your wedding invitations

Our wedding invitations come in a wide range of ink and foil colors but sometimes the sample colors don’t fit your style or event. You can pick from any color in the Pantone® spectrum, from cornflower blue to lilac and tangerine. Our inks are 100% vegetable-oil based and are low-VOC – we hate nasty chemicals!


Where can I get a pantone book? Contact us for samples and we’ll include a Pantone® swatch page with your order.

What ink colors can I pick from? We’ve hand picked 16 stock colors (right) which represent the newest color trends for weddings and invitations this season. Our invitations are designed with these stock colors in mind but you’re free to choose any color in the Pantone® spectrum.

What about my options for foil colors? Foils come in as many options as ink and we’ve got a huge selection of it. You can choose from metallics, pearls, pigments, holographics, and even scratch offs! Read more about the process and foil options here (Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations).

I can’t find the perfect color? Send us a swatch of your wedding/brides maid dress, flowers, or anything else and we’ll custom mix an ink to match.

Can I change the colors in the design? We’re all about customizing! You can convert a multi-color invite to a single color or even add accent colors. Speak to a design consultant to learn more.

How can I see what the colors will look like on my invitation? Once you place an order, you’ll receive a PDF proof of each piece (invitation, reply, menu, etc.) with the colors of your choice.

I don’t know what colors I want? That’s why we’re here! We love to put ink on paper and colors are one of our obsessions. Contact us for a design consultation and we’ll walk you through the entire process.

How do you mix your colors? While some of our colors come pre-mixed, we love to mix colors by hand because it allows us to tune colors to get the perfect match. We use a mixture of more than 28 Pantone® base colors including day-glo (fluorescent) and metallic inks.

I’ve got more questions! We’re only a tweet, an email or a phone call away.